To better understand the evolution of the Garage Biver, here is the history of the operation.

Our Story

Certainly you have already noticed the many changes that have taken place in recent years concerning our showrooms and the organization of our workshop. First, these modifications and the expansion of our business are aimed at improving customer service and expanding our supply of new cars in our showrooms.


Discover Our History



In 1926 Mr. Biver Martin (husband of Mrs. Manderscheid Anna) founded the company. At that time they offered a small repair service as well as the sale of bikes and small motorcycles. After World War II, in 1951 Mr. Biver became the official dealer for the German brand Volkswagen.


Since 1970, the Garage has been managed by Mr. Waaijenberg Martin (stepson of the founder).


1975 – 1985

In 1972, the Garage became an official Audi dealer. In 1985 the first new showroom for both brands was built.


From 1993 the Garage operates under the responsibility of the boss Waaijenberg Albert (grandson of the founder).



In 1998, the first separation of brands resulted in the construction of the new Volkswagen showroom as well as the renovation of the old one.

2000 – 2010

At the end of 2004 the new Audi showroom was built, the inauguration took place for the automobile festival in January 2005.
In January 2006 a new customer reception area and a new waiting area were completed.
In 2006 a new car park was built.
2008-2010: Construction of a new body shop and a mechanics workshop for the Audi brand


2011 – 2020

In 2011 the Audi showroom was enlarged to be able to present more new cars.
In 2011 the VW showroom was renovated.

At the end of January 2016 the new VW and Skoda reception was completed, as was a new reception area.





2019-2020: Construction of a 3-storey car park to provide over 100 additional parking spaces for our customers.

Our Team
Today our team consists of 55 employees

– Managing Director

– 16 mechanics + 1 apprentice

– 3 assistant mechanics

– 7 bodywork employees + 1 apprentice

– 5 Parts service staff

– 6 salesmen

– 13 Office staff

– 2 cleaning ladies


And this, if you will, is not yet the end of evolution…

In fact, in order to guarantee the good functioning of our company in the future, we have succeeded during the year 2003 to receive the ISO9002 CERTIFICATION, which guarantees the good service to the customer. As far as our workshop is concerned, we would like to inform you that our mechanics are trained throughout the year in specific courses (at our importer Autosdiffusion Losch in Luxembourg) concerning technique, electronics as well as the bodywork of new models. Our team will follow during each year many hours of training to improve and make its work more efficient in order to satisfy our customers as much as possible.

Other very important changes have taken place concerning the VW and AUDI organisation in our country. Indeed, the VW factory as well as the AUDI factory have decided (besides the total separation of the two brands) to reduce the number of official dealers!

By building the new AUDI showroom, both brands could be kept. This is also the reason why it was decided to build a new body shop and a new AUDI workshop to separate the two brands permanently.

Finally, we would like to count on you, our kind customers, to face the next big challenges that the future will bring us.