Repair Service


– Global inspection
– Maintenance service
– Overhaul
– Repair
– Technical inspection

Our Repair Service

Our quality services are at your disposal for a global inspection of your vehicle, for a maintenance service, an overhaul, a repair or a technical inspection.

During any intervention on your vehicle, we take particular care to limit the downtime of your vehicle and to ensure effective cost management.


No more queues! Don’t hesitate to entrust us with the technical inspection of your vehicle.
Price incl. VAT to present your car at the control station in Wilwerwiltz: 89,50€.
(tax of 52€ to be paid to SNCT included, excluding eventual repair costs).

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Tobias Piep

Bodywork for VW, Skoda & other brands

Phone: 95 81 48 231

Olivier Servais

Bodywork for Audi and other brands

Phone: 95 81 48 231